Interior design for homes, flats and commercial buildings is not only our passion, but also our core service. It is a multi-stage process in which, step by step, together we create your ideal living space. During the design process, we are in constant contact with the client, allowing us to incorporate any comments and suggestions on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to our fully individual approach to each order, we create designs perfectly tailored to the needs and personality of our clients. We focus on innovative solutions, durable and safe materials, beauty and functionality. And all of this based on the budget you wish to allocate for the realisation. Our experience, knowledge of the market and the industry, allow us to select all the elements so as to obtain the highest possible quality at a convenient price.

Whether you’re in the heart of a busy metropolis, the tranquility of the suburbs, or the charm of a small town, Edinburgh and Glasgow Interior Design is your partner in crafting spaces that inspire, comfort, and amaze. With our team of experts, you can expect nothing less than exceptional interior design services that transcend location and elevate your living or working environment to new heights. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a design journey that reflects your unique style and aspirations.


  • ongoing consultation with the designer during the assignment,
  • complete detailed design,
  • estimate of finishing materials,
  • moodboard and final visualisations for each room,
  • recommendations of proven finishing teams.We can extend the basic scope of our activity with a comprehensive implementation of the prepared project, the so-called turnkey project. This is an excellent solution for anyone who has neither the time nor the inclination to organise and supervise the entire renovation. You can find out more in the turnkey projects section.


We have divided the realisation of the complete project assignment into 3 MAIN STAGES.


At the first meeting in our office or remotely via video conference, we discuss the planned scope of work. We tell you about the step-by-step design process. We also determine the indicative budget for the order. At this stage, we want to get to know you, your taste, your expectations of the interior and your needs as well as possible. If you want a turnkey design service, mention this to us at the first meeting.

We then take an inventory of the spaces to be designed. We can take the measurements personally at the premises or base them on the dimensions from the construction project provided by the client. On their basis, we make projections of all rooms and determine the proposed functional layouts for them. In accordance with your preferences, the selected style of arrangement and the declared budget, we prepare moodboards of individual interiors.


The next stage is to verify the proposed functional layouts and inspirations contained in the mood boards and to make any adjustments. Taking into account the findings so far, we create visualisations of the arrangement of individual rooms.

During subsequent consultations, we may make minor adjustments. The standard order price includes 3 such corrections.

Throughout the whole realisation of the order, the client has access to the cloud, in which the complete project documentation, drawings, inspirations and visualisations are stored. Instant messaging allows us to exchange comments, ideas and inspirations on an ongoing basis.


The culmination of our cooperation is the drawing up of a complete detailed design including technical drawings of all installations. Our priority is to create diagrams that are as accurate and transparent as possible, leaving no doubt as to subsequent execution.

Together with the design, you receive a list of the materials and fittings used, together with a calculation of the quantities needed and indicative prices. We also share our list of recommended finishing companies.


Functional layout of individual rooms

Wizualizacje 3D końcowych aranżacji

Clear installation implementation diagrams

Arrangement of partition walls and suspended ceilings

Specifications of materials used

Bespoke furniture designs, tips for the carpenter

A complete equipment list with an estimated cost estimate


We have divided the payment for the interior design service into several parts, according to the stages of work performed. We do not charge the full amount at the beginning of cooperation. Each order is priced individually, depending on the size of the rooms, the materials used and the architect's workload.


  • An advance payment of 25% of the full amount of the order, payable upon signing the contract.
  • 10% of the order value, payable upon completion of the inventory.
  • 10% of the order value, payable after the moodboards are drawn up.


  • 25% of the order value, payable upon receipt of final visualisations.


  • 25% of the order value, payable upon preparation of the detailed design.
  • 5% of the order value, payable upon receipt of complete design documentation along with a cost estimate and a list of recommended finishing companies.

We carry out orders stationary in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas (up to 50km), but distance is not an obstacle for us and we successfully undertake interior design projects all over United Kingdom. In the case of objects located further away, cooperation takes place remotely.

We invite you to contact us and start a journey into the world of impressive interiors together.