About us


Mazzani Studio is made up of a group of qualified interior architects, full of energy to act and ready to take on even the most unusual orders. We do our best to make your dreams of perfect interiors come true. We are characterised by openness to new solutions, knowledge of the industry and great involvement in every undertaken order. We cooperate with trusted and proven renovation teams with many years of experience. This gives us the certainty that the project will be carried out exactly as expected. We focus on quality!

We create designs and complete realisations of residential and commercial interiors. We make every effort to ensure that the space we arrange is fully in line with your expectations, beautiful, functional and safe. Positive feedback from our clients constantly motivates us and drives us to do more.

We operate stationary in Edinburgh and Glasgow and the surrounding area, but successfully carry out projects remotely throughout United Kingdom.

Mazzani designers are passionate and committed to helping you create beautiful and functional interiors. We look forward to hearing from you!